Voxel Mage: Siege is a cross-platform, physics-based, voxel destruction party game!

Voxel Mage: Siege is a fast-paced, action-packed party game!

Equip different magical gloves to gain access to powerful abilities.

Defend your voxel base and destroy your enemy’s!

At the heart of Voxel Mage is voxels! Voxel Mage teams have a crystal, which grants the ability to summon a voxel structure to defend. In-game voxel editor for custom structures coming soon!

Many of the gloves are activated by your body movements. When you punch forward, you may summon a seeking projectile, or even a dragon’s head to bite close range enemies!

Voxel Mage is fun on its own, but its even more fun with others!Join a public lobby and play against random people online or join specific public or private lobbies with a room code.

Players in VR can play as a mage. Players on mobile get to control dragons and other physics-based siege units.

Mobile app coming soon!

The enemies in Voxel Mage are many and persistent! Defending your structure against these foes might not be as easy as you think!