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Voxel Mage: Siege

Voxel Mage: Siege is a cross-platform, physics-based, voxel destruction party game!

Voxel Mage: Siege is a fast-paced, action-packed party game!

Equip different magical gloves to gain access to powerful abilities.

Defend your voxel base and destroy your enemy’s!

At the heart of Voxel Mage is voxels! Voxel Mage teams have a crystal, which grants the ability to summon a voxel structure to defend. In-game voxel editor for custom structures coming soon!

Many of the gloves are activated by your body movements. When you punch forward, you may summon a seeking projectile, or even a dragon’s head to bite close range enemies!

Voxel Mage is fun on its own, but its even more fun with others!Join a public lobby and play against random people online or join specific public or private lobbies with a room code.

Players in VR can play as a mage. Players on mobile get to control dragons and other physics-based siege units.

Mobile app coming soon!

The enemies in Voxel Mage are many and persistent! Defending your structure against these foes might not be as easy as you think!

Hungry Froggos

Hungry Froggos is fast-paced, bug eating action!

Host a game or join someone else’s through Quick Play or with a Room Code.

Up to 8 froggos battle it out to earn the right to be called the bug-eating champion! Watch out for risks along the way, like the scary Crow.

If your tongue collides with another player’s, get ready to battle it out for a chance to win half of the loser’s flies!

Flux Armada

Flux Armada is an exciting blend of Action, Strategy, and Resource Management.

The Fleet, or your collection of ships, in Flux Armada is where Flux Armada gets its name. At any time, you can rearrange your Fleet to construct the optimal path for attacking Infiltrator units, or create a blocking section to prevent your Core Ship from taking direct hits.

When it’s your turn, choose between cards in your hand that offer different capabilities of attack for different amounts of energy. If you pay its cost, you send out the Transport Orb with it inside. The other player has no idea what you selected, but they know they don’t want it!

Watch out! Once your Transport Orb makes it out into the open space between fleets, it becomes anyone’s match in an escalating game of back and forth between the Guardians.

Once the Transport Orb makes it past the Guardian’s defenses, it will collide with a ship within the Fleet. When a Transport Orb opens up, you can expect any number of nasty surprises like a HE BOMB or the release of Infiltrator assault units.

Infiltrator units make their way through enemy fleet, taking the shortest path to the Core Ship. Once they reach the Core Ship, they’ll self-destruct against it in an attempt to take it down. Make sure to take out enemy Infiltrators, by creating a long path for them!

Critter Counters

Critter Counters is a board game companion app, for whatever board game you can imagine!

Critter Counters is a flexible rules engine to build rules and track scores for whatever board game you happen to be playing.

In Critter Counters, the game is played by first creating a Rule Set. The Rule Set is a collection of conditions that make up the way the game is played, how it ends, and how players win. You get to decide what sort of Resources players start with or can acquire, and whether they can run out. With your Resources, or with turn limits, you can determine how a game is played, how the game ends, and how a player can lose. Finally, with Scoring rules, you decide how much of what resource is worth points to decide a winner.

Once you have your game’s Rule Set created, just start a new game, add some players, and play a match!

About Troll King

Troll King is currently a solo developer, Kenneth Roecks.

Troll King was founded in 2015, when I published my first game, Flux Armada. Since then, I have been working tirelessly (during nights and weekends after the bill-paying job) to continue developing fun experiences.

My dream is to be able to hire a team to work on these awesome games with me.

I hope you’ll try out some of these rad experiences and let me know what you think!


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