Flux Armada is an exciting blend of Action, Strategy, and Resource Management.

The Fleet, or your collection of ships, in Flux Armada is where Flux Armada gets its name. At any time, you can rearrange your Fleet to construct the optimal path for attacking Infiltrator units, or create a blocking section to prevent your Core Ship from taking direct hits.

When it’s your turn, choose between cards in your hand that offer different capabilities of attack for different amounts of energy. If you pay its cost, you send out the Transport Orb with it inside. The other player has no idea what you selected, but they know they don’t want it!

Watch out! Once your Transport Orb makes it out into the open space between fleets, it becomes anyone’s match in an escalating game of back and forth between the Guardians.

Once the Transport Orb makes it past the Guardian’s defenses, it will collide with a ship within the Fleet. When a Transport Orb opens up, you can expect any number of nasty surprises like a HE BOMB or the release of Infiltrator assault units.

Infiltrator units make their way through enemy fleet, taking the shortest path to the Core Ship. Once they reach the Core Ship, they’ll self-destruct against it in an attempt to take it down. Make sure to take out enemy Infiltrators, by creating a long path for them!