Coming soon…

I’m currently in the process of getting Voxel Mage: Siege approved on Steam and Meta’s App Lab.

With Steam, it seems my biggest hurdle has been on wording. If I’m too specific, they fail me because I cannot make explicit promises. If I’m too vague, they also seem to not like it, as it might allude to a game that won’t be completed. Anyway, I’m in the back and forth there and should soon be nearing the end.

As for Quest, I’ve got some performance issues on quest that I need to address before it will be allowed on the store. With Quest, very minor things can cause significant drops in performance. I’m not sure what’s tanking it right now, but I’m dropping to about 30fps as soon as you enter the primary game. I’ll need to address that before they left me have a store front on their platform.

If you’d like to be added to the Voxel Mage alpha, drop me a contact with your email and I’ll see about getting you added when it’s time.

New Site

If you’ve been following along, this is a brand new website. I went from a static page hosted on s3 to a legit webserver.

Will I be more active on it now? Who knows?

But for now, enjoy the updated visuals.